Facebook begins testing profile videos to replace pictures

For those of you who haven’t stopped using Facebook, the social network should feel more lively as new test features begin to roll out on Wednesday. Your fleeting attention is more coveted than ever in today’s increasingly distracted world, so in an attempt to make Facebook feel more active, the platform is getting features such as profile videos, pinned photos, temporary profile pictures, and more.

These features seem more catered toward people who crave attention—look at my sweet profile video; check out my pinned photos!, etc. The more visually appealing your profile is, the more people will look at it. In turn, you’ll feel satisfied by your Internet celebrity, and tell your friends in real life how popular your Facebook following is. Facebook clearly wants to make your profile the epicenter of your Internet usage, a tool you use to network and keep in touch with friends you didn’t really like in high school.

If you’re a die hard Facebook user, these features are clearly catered to you. With something like profile videos, you can feature a video up to 7 seconds long with sound, which will loop on for eternity (or until the browser tab is closed). The other additions, such as temporary profile pictures and featured photos, are meant to give users viewing your profile a better understanding of who you are as a person.

The features are currently rolling out now for testing purposes, but it’s likely they’ll be available on a wider scale in the coming weeks.


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