Twitter mulls expanding 140 character limit

Chatty Twitter users could be in luck as the company considers expanding or changing is 140-character limit.

According to sources inside the company, interim CEO Jack Dorsey and other leaders are discussing different ways to measure the characters, the Independent has reported.

This could include excluding usernames from the count, or getting rid of URLs.

Twitter has been moving toward a character limit increase for a while; the company has already added new features allowing more room for messages, including the ‘quote tweet’ feature which allows more room when adding something to a retweet.

Considering brevity is an integral part of how Twitter functions, it seems unlikely the count will increase to the point where users can post Facebook-length rants, but Dorsey is apparently unafraid to make some bold changes, despite his impermanent position.

The changes are a while away yet, but show the company is thinking seriously about ways to better engage existing users and attract new users.


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