Presentation Feedback


A great read. Very well thought out. Thanks for letting me read it.

Jemaine Clement – NZ comedian & actor

Jemaine Clement


Joseph – thank you so much for sharing it with me. I’m delighted that Twitter has played a part in your life. I’m incredibly proud to work for the company and hope that as we develop we can continue to make a difference to the world be it for individuals or groups.

Sunil Singhvi – Strategic Partnerships Manager, Instagram. (ex Twitter)

Sunil Singhvi


Hi Joseph just finished your presentation. Thank you so much for sharing. You are such an inspiration. Love that you are from Tauranga too.

T Mulligan NZ musician & artist.

T Mulligan


Joseph is a remarkable young man who is using social media to be just that “social” in a world that will always see his wheelchair first and him second. With social media he can let the real Joe be seen first without peoples preconceived notions of who he is based on appearances.

With a variety of hobbies and interests, social media has become a two way street for Joseph to interact with others who share his likes in music and TV. A window to a world that isn’t always easy to make his way around offline.

Wendy Wings – NZ Twitter star


Really good stuff friend! Proud of you.

Stephen Christian – Musician, Anberlin & Anchor & Braille



What an unbelievably amazing person you are! Your story is truly extraordinary.

Richard Ayoade– UK Comedian & Actor and Director

richard ayoade