5 TweetDeck Tricks and Tips To Try Out

If you’re a social media manager and you’re taking care of more than one account, you probably already know about TweetDeck. If you don’t, now is the chance to get familiar with it – it’s a great social media dashboard application where you can manage multiple Twitter accounts on the one interface.

But more than that, it’s also a great way to curate content, to find potential customers/users, monitor your brand, schedule tweets, and more.

Here are five tips to help you make best use of TweetDeck, which may come to play a valuable and important role in your wider social media management process.


You can add a ‘Home’ column to view the home timeline of any specific account. For example, you can view Jeff Bullas home timeline, which means you’ll see tweets and re-tweets from Twitter users he follows.

This is a great way to also curate content.

Say you want to add the home column of an influential user in your industry (because they’re most likely following Twitter users who share great content). Within TweetDeck, you’d add a ‘Home’ column by clicking: ‘Add Column’ (+) -> ‘Home’ -> Enter a @name or full name -> ‘Add Column’


Adding ‘Search’ columns is another great way to curate content and find potential customers/users who’re interested in a specific field.

For example, if your company targets people in the marketing industry, you might want to filter your content section with words like ‘marketing’, ‘social media marketing’, ‘inbound marketing’, etc., which would then alert you to all mentions of those terms.

You can also filter your search columns by content, users, and engagement (retweets, likes, are replies).

If you want to view tweets that include more than one word/phrase then type the word/phrase between quotes and, in between each word/phrase, write ‘AND’ (without quotes). However, if you want to view tweets that have either of the words/phrases then write ‘OR’.

To add a ‘Search’ Column: click ‘Add Column’ (+) -> ‘Search’ -> Type in phrase, word, hashtag, etc. -> ‘Add Column’

To filter the column -> click filter (top right corner of column) ->filter by content, users, and engagement.


You have a ‘Mentions’ column where you can add your Twitter handle to view all tweets that mention you. However, there are times where Twitter user don’t include the ‘@’ sign.

For these kinds of situations you can add a ‘Search’ column where you can type in your Twitter handle, domain, and other versions of your handle that people usually write. This will give you a section dedicated to monitoring and interacting with those tweets.

Make sure if you do add more than your Twitter handle to put it in quotes and use the word ‘OR’ between each word/phrase you add in.

To add this Column: click ‘Add Column’ (+) -> ‘Search’ -> type in: Twitter handle -> ‘Add Column’

Then filter the column:  click ‘Content’ -> ‘matching’ : “Twitter handle” OR “domain” (e.g. “SMExaminer” OR “socialmediaexaminer”)


We recently attended an event, and the week before it was held, we created a Twitter list of attendees that we wanted to reach out to. After creating the list, we added it on our TweetDeck and interacted with them before and during the event to get their attention

To add a ‘List’ column: click ‘Add Column’ (+) -> ‘Lists’ -> Choose list – > ‘Add Column’

Another great column is ‘Collections’. It allows you to add specific tweets into one column and share that collection of tweets publicly via an embeddable display – it even has its own dedicated page on the Twitter website.

One way you can use this is as a live Q&A column, displaying commonly asked queries via tweets. Whenever you receive a tweet with a question, you can drag it to your collections column and also add your answers/replies.

To add a ‘Collections’ column: click ‘Add Column’ (+) -> ‘Collections’ -> ‘Create Collection’ -> edit name and description -> Drag Tweets into collection column


There have been several occasions where I’ve sent out tweets from the wrong account or with misspelled words (the worst). To help alleviate such faux pas, TweetDeck gives you the option to add a confirmation step before sending out a tweet.

If you have more than one account you’ll have to turn on this option for each one individually. Now whenever you send a tweet from TweetDeck you’ll have to check the box ‘Ready to Tweet?’ – it might get annoying but it will save you from some embarrassing tweet moments.

To turn on ‘Confirmation Step’: click ‘Accounts’ -> Choose account -> turn toggle on for ‘Confirmation step’.


If you have anymore other queries about TweetDeck, feel free send me a Tweet using @Defender1995 and the hashtag #DefendersTDHelp.


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